Jen Gilbart

Marketing communications educator / lecturer, with 20+ years’ professional experience in marcom strategy, research, design, and measurement.

A business-savvy educator for your university.


• M.A. in Strategic Communication, SUNY Oswego, May 2024.
• Higher Education Teaching Certification, Harvard Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, August 2023.


Marketing communications research, design, strategy, and measurement. Specializing in digital marketing strategy, strategic communication writing and design, social media marketing, and marketing analytics.


• Meta Digital Marketing Certification
• Google Analytics 4 Certification
• Hubspot Social Media Marketing Certification

“Super interactive and engaging guest lecture today from Jennifer Gilbart on #digitalmarketing – everything from #seo to #email to #display ads and #leadgeneration. TYSM!”

Matt Schiering, Marketing Professor, Dominican University, Orangeburg, NY

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