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Hello, and thanks for visiting. I thought I should welcome you to my blog, and talk a bit about why I’m blogging.

Right now, I’m blogging for graduate school. This whole website, actually, is a grad school assignment. I think it’s a pretty great idea, for those of us in the Strategic Communication M.A. program at SUNY Oswego, to be designing our own websites.

Plus, I like to blog. I was an O.G. mom blogger 12+ years ago, when brands called us “mommy bloggers,” which we didn’t exactly appreciate. (Only our children should call us mommy, BTW.) I also blogged for a Catholic woman’s website, and if you are Catholic you might want to read this post. But if you are a college administrator, faculty member, human resources person, or anyone else who might want to hire me to teach, don’t feel obligated to click that link. Just shoot me an email so we can set up a time to talk about working together.

I have to cut this post short. It doesn’t count toward the 20-out-of-100 points that I might earn on the build-a-website assignment as a whole. Plus, I need to start writing a blog post that does count, on the internet’s energy consumption…

…and, here it is (5 days later): Building Climate-Friendly Websites. Give it a read!

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