Me Versus Generative AI

an illustration of a glowing blue face drawn using computer circuit lines and zeros and ones. Used to illustrate the idea of generative AI.
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I’ve been wondering how my writing skills stack up against those of generative AI. So I’m giving myself and ChatGPT a short writing assignment. Let’s see how we compare.

Here’s the writing prompt I came up with: Why do some people like to watch sports, while some people dislike watching sports?

This came to mind because every time I check Google Trends I see that the people of planet Earth care a lot about sports. My husband is among them, and I am not. When he watches sports on TV, he revels in the excitement of competition and admires the prowess of the athletes. Where he sees carefully placed shots by skilled competitors, I see movement of a dot on a screen.

Before I asked ChatGPT to answer the above question in one paragraph, I wrote my own response, below.

My writing prompt response:

Some people watch sports because they find it to be exciting and fun. They admire and follow certain players who possess a mastery of their sport, which is both enjoyable and impressive to observe. Most sports enthusiasts also like to watch their home teams compete in sports like baseball, football, and hockey. It is exciting to watch one’s home team play against teams from other places, and people watch to see if their home team can triumph over the away team. Conversely, there are some people who do not enjoy watching sports at all. Most of those people don’t like to watch sports because they find them to be boring, or not as intellectually stimulating as other activities such as reading a book, writing, or playing a musical instrument. When someone who doesn’t like sports tries to watch a game or match, their mind can wander to other thoughts that are more interesting, and they end up not paying attention to what they are watching. So, those people end up not knowing much about sports, which makes sports even less exciting.

ChatGPT’s Generative AI response:

Some people enjoy watching sports due to the excitement, competitive nature, and entertainment they provide, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. They may appreciate the skillful performances and dramatic moments in sports, finding it a captivating and enjoyable experience. Conversely, others may not like watching sports due to a lack of interest in the rules and intricacies of the games or the absence of a personal connection to sports. Their preferences could also be influenced by different hobbies or interests, cultural backgrounds, past negative experiences, or simply a preference for activities that do not involve physical competition. Personal tastes and temperament also play a role in determining whether someone finds sports enjoyable or not.

Me vs. ChatGPT: Analysis

What first struck me when I read the two responses side by side was how similar they were. This surprised me since I wrote mine rather subjectively—and I also figured I’d miss an obvious point or two. So I didn’t think the two responses would cover the same points, as they did. One key difference, though, is how I elaborated (again, from personal experience) quite a bit on why I don’t like to watch sports, where ChatGPT briefly summarized a list of reasons. The other difference—which I hate to admit—is that ChatGPT’s answer might be better written than mine. What do you think?

What would happen if you put your writing skills up against ChatGPT? Give it a try!

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